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     I am not sharing stoploss and making position orders. There are some great people like my darling DayLight you can follow her ideas. I am not a punctual buddy here 🙂 bye habib

    according to you what is the great point sellin & what should be stoploss by user prab

    Will go down to 1.3070 by Mina

    I am on sell but before good drop we have to face and cash bull soon. by habib

    i have sell @ 29.15. any chance in near future any one advice by anwar

    Today below 1.32But 1.3 expected next week by haj

    1.3270 is a great point for selling

    open short tp 1.3213 – 1.3173 by altor

    wait 1.3200 will be good position to buy again by tuanan

    Waiting to see how H4 will break the 1.3250 level . . . .

    What’s the expectation for the PMI? by Zamor

    Data wont matter. Ive closed most my shorts and il let the oddOne run incase markets push this deeper. If the price heads back to 1.3330/1.3400 il be ready to start shorting again for a bigger drop 🙂 By Ekam fx

    I don’t have position now waiting what pair open Sobirov

    You act like you want to help traders…you act like you know it all….ALL I see is only 2 _amn numbers…no reasons of going there but a close above or below a number…and that is called really are trying to tell these people that is all it is to it… god people…do you hear that…really…warren buffet runs his trades based off 2 numbers in a market????….really by IMR FX

    GBPUSD is at at support level….1.3247/52 is a support level…if market wants more downward move…next support level will be at 1.32197/1.32208……if move lower back to gap area…news off in 30 mins,,, by IMR FX

    I m not thinking ” How long it will be Bullish today !!” , I m thinking ” How long the current bearish will be sustain !! ” :-)) Happy Trading , Basement is fixed to make Ping but PONG will be little big than the Ping 🙂 , Happy Trading by daily lightfx

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